Can a Plant-Based Diet Help to Reform Inmates?

That’s exactly what Pennsylvania state prisons intend to find out. Starting in November, 200 volunteer inmates at each facility will transition to a plant-based diet to determine if it improves their health and anti-social behavior and keeps inmates from returning to jail. The research project is the third prong in a larger initiative called “The … Continue reading Can a Plant-Based Diet Help to Reform Inmates?

Jon Stewart Sends Vegan Cakes to The View

Jon Stewart Sends Vegan Cakes to The View

Comedian Jon Stewart and his wife Tracey treated the hosts of The View to vegan cake to prove vegan baked goods can be delicious. The sweet surprise was instigated after a recent show on which actor Craig Robinson, who played Darryl Philbin on The Office, said he was looking for a good vegan cake for … Continue reading Jon Stewart Sends Vegan Cakes to The View

California’s State Dinosaur is Vegetarian

California now has a state dinosaur and it is, fittingly, a vegetarian. Last month, Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill to name the Augustynolophus morrisi California’s official state dinosaur. As a hadrosaur, “Auggie”, as it’s lovingly referred to, eats a plant-based diet and has a mouth shaped like a duckbill. The dinosaur, which lived between … Continue reading California’s State Dinosaur is Vegetarian

Kansas Residents Win Fight Against Proposed Tyson Factory Farm

Tyson Foods’ plan to build a $320 million poultry complex in Kansas has been thwarted by a “wall of local resistance,” according to a Drovers article. Nearly 3,000 Leavenworth County residents attended a town hall meeting earlier this month, voicing their concern to local law makers. “Specifically, residents are concerned about the environmental impact from … Continue reading Kansas Residents Win Fight Against Proposed Tyson Factory Farm

Vegan Restaurant Donates All Profits to Charity

P.S. Kitchen, a new vegan restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen, New York, will be donating all of their profits to charities with missions to disrupt the poverty cycle, such as The Doe Fund and Share Hope. The upscale eatery serves small plates such as maitake mushroom-stuffed bao buns, glazed whole-roasted carrots, and watermelon salad with plant-based feta, and … Continue reading Vegan Restaurant Donates All Profits to Charity

88-Year-Old Vegan Climbs Kilimanjaro

Colorado resident Fred Distelhorst ascended Mount Kilimanjaro this week, possibly setting a world record as the oldest person to ever do so. At 88 years old, Distelhorst credits his good health to his vegan diet and his granddaughter's do-good spirit, saying, “I think I’m in pretty good shape even though I’m a little old guy.” … Continue reading 88-Year-Old Vegan Climbs Kilimanjaro

KFC Commercial Disgusts Viewers

KFC’s latest commercial shows sassy chickens dancing with ‘tude to DMX’s “X Gon’ Give It to Ya” and it’s receiving a lot of backlash. According to posts on social media, the commercial is causing viewers to rethink eating chicken as they make the connection between KFC's wings, thighs, and breasts and the intelligent animals killed … Continue reading KFC Commercial Disgusts Viewers

Plant-Based Vending Machines to Pop up in San Francisco

Plant-based company leCupboard plans to install the first of 30 food vending machines in strategic locations throughout San Francisco over the next three months. The goal is that these interactive machines will help people fight disease with food. “The goal is to reconnect preventative healthcare with food,” said founder Lamiaâ Bounahmidi. “Everyone is going around … Continue reading Plant-Based Vending Machines to Pop up in San Francisco

Vegan Flag Seeks to Solidify Movement

The vegan movement now has an international flag. Designed by Gad Hakimi, an Israeli designer, the flag was created to solidify the global movement toward compassion. With input from an international design team and the Vegan Flag Facebook group, the flag was designed with three triangles that form the letter V using blue, green and white, … Continue reading Vegan Flag Seeks to Solidify Movement

World-Class Steakhouse Offers Vegan Menu

World-class steakhouse, Daniel’s Broiler Prime Steaks & Chops, debuted an all-vegan menu to keep up with demand for vegan dishes. The Washington state-based restaurant now offers Stuffed Mushrooms, Penne Bolognese, Kimchi Fried Grains & Rice, and Cheese Ravioli stuffed with almond-based ricotta, among other items that are all free of animal products. "We felt there … Continue reading World-Class Steakhouse Offers Vegan Menu