Is Yogurtland pineapple sorbet vegan?

Load up this dairy-free pineapple sorbet with vegan toppings like coconut or chia pudding (which is made with oat milk!).

Does yogurtland have any vegan options?

Yogurtland launched its first vegan frozen yogurt flavor, Plant-Based Salted Chocolate Soufflé, for a limited time in January 2020 and brought the coconut milk-based flavor back last winter after popular demand. Yogurtland also offers two vegan smoothie bowls in Mixed Berry and Pineapple & Greens flavors.

Are there dairy free options at Yogurtland?

Yogurtland Expands Flavor Options for Dairy-Free FroYo Customers. … But Yogurtland has finally decided to swirl some dairy-free options into their own mix. Their latest creations include creamy Key Lime Pie and Piña Colada frozen yogurt, each made with a base of coconut milk and live active cultures.

Does yogurtland have pineapple?

Bringing an innovative spin to its menu, Yogurtland’s new Plant-Based Pineapple & Greens Smoothie Bowl is made with pineapple juice along with real kale and spinach. This tropical dairy-free flavor has no sugar added* and is a delicious treat for health-conscious and vegan consumers.

Does yogurtland have sorbet?

This sorbet is a sweet blend of Northwest and California strawberries paired with refreshingly real lemons. Calories: … Our sorbet is produced in a Kosher certified facility.

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Is Yogurtland sorbet vegan?

Yogurtland has two types of vegan options: plant-based soft serve and sorbet. … Yogurtland’s sorbet, meanwhile, is made from real fruit for a sweet and refreshing treat.

Is sorbet vegan?

Sorbet is a fruity frozen dessert that usually, but not always, vegan. Honey and milk products may make an unwelcome appearance, so always check the ingredients.) … But sherbet is invariably off-limits to vegans, since it invariably contains dairy products.

Is Yogurtland real yogurt?

real ingredients

We only use creamy, fresh, pure California milk without antibiotics or added hormones. Then we add the world’s finest ingredients to bring pure delicious frozen yogurt to your cup for flavors that taste like the real thing.

Is Yogurtland gluten free?

With the exception of our yogurt flavors which use ingredients that would explicitly contain gluten, such as the double cookies and cream, our yogurt flavors do not contain gluten. However, all of our flavors are processed in a facility that also processes products which do contain gluten.

Is Froyo vegan?

From refreshing sorbets to decadent cashew yogurts, there are tons of delicious vegan frozen yogurt flavors to choose from. Cow’s milk is better off left to those who need it—baby cows! … If you’re looking for a healthier sweet treat, vegan frozen yogurt is exactly that.

Is plain tart yogurtland healthy?

Yes, but the amount of added sugar may shock you. Nutritionist Maya Feller says even the plain tart flavor at your local frozen yogurt shop is “absolutely different” from the plain yogurt in the grocery store. “With plain yogurt you’re going to get protein, no added sugar, probiotics. Good choice.

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Does yogurtland have probiotics?

Yogurtland yogurt is fortified with vitamins C and vitamin D, as well as six different probiotics and active cultures that make it not only a delicious treat, but a healthy and refreshing one also.

What toppings does yogurtland have?

Their extensive toppings bar includes things like waffle pieces, pumpkin bread bites, cookie dough minis, cheesecake bites, mandarin oranges, Cap’n Crunch, sour gummi worms and so much more.

Does yogurtland have Dole Whip?

It’s true: Menchie’s is the only froyo chain to carry pineapple Dole Whip (take that, Yogurtland!). What started as a one-off promotional offering has ballooned into a full-time deal.

What do rocket pops taste like?

The flavor is like a slightly sour version of the red, white, and blue popcicle!

What is in Yogurtland yogurt?

Ingredients: Pasteurized and Cultured Skim Milk, Sugar, Dextrose, Maltodextrin, Whey, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Vegetable Mono & Diglycerides, Guar Gum, Carrageenan, Cellulose Gum, Natural Flavors. Contains Live and Active Cultures: S. thermophilus, L.