Does Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory have vegan options?

Dark chocolate varieties are vegan such as dark choc and macadamia and dark choc and cranberry. Also has a vegan fudge.

Is Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory caramel vegan?

Macadamia caramel covered with chocolate $5,95, raspberry truffle (small) $2,95. … Also offers vegan options, like marzipan covered with vegan chocolate ($3,95).

Does Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory have chocolate covered strawberries?

Chocolate Covered Fruit

Serves at least 3. Assorted chocolate covered strawberries. Assortment of Maraschino cherries dipped in milk chocolate.

Are Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory caramel apples gluten free?

Hi Cricket – our single origin Guittard bars are gluten-free, but otherwise everything that is produced in factory is produced on machines that have the potential to be cross-contaminated with gluten, so we caution everyone of that. Please let me know if you have any other questions and Happy Friday!

What does Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory sell?

The factory typically produces approximately 300 chocolate candies and other confectionery products, using proprietary recipes developed primarily by its master candy maker. These products include many varieties of clusters, caramels, creams, meltaways, truffles and molded chocolates.

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Who owns Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory?

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Type Public
Key people Franklin E. Crail, Founder and CEO
Revenue 34,545,447 United States dollar (2019)
Number of employees 231 (2019)

Does Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory have sugar free?

Enjoy the sweets without the sugar. This sugar-free chocolate assortment delivers delicious goodies like milk chocolate pecan bears, peanut butter pails, English toffees, and more. From Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

Does Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory have brownies?


Does Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory have ice cream?

Great for Ice Cream, After Dinner and Lunch Dessert, Caramel Apples, Coffee and Espresso, Truffles, Chocolates and other specialty treats!

How long does Rocky Mountain Chocolate last?

“We have many customers who come in and enjoy these treats with braces,” Ellis said. The shelf life of a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory caramel apple, Ellis said, is anywhere from five to seven days.

How many calories is a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory?

What are Nutritionix Track app users eating from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory?

Product Name Calories
Assorted Chocolates 3 pcs 240
Authentic Black Liquorice 3 pieces 100
Cashew Bears & English Toffee, Sugar Free 2 pieces 160
Chocolate Assortment, Premiu 2 pieces 160

How many calories in a Rocky Mountain Candy Apple?

There are 334 calories in 1 apple of Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Caramel Apple.

Does Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory have caramel apples?

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is famous for its amazing selection of old-fashioned gourmet caramel apples. … They all start with a crisp, green Granny Smith apple smothered with thick and chewy.

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How much does a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory franchise cost?

To buy a franchise with Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, you’ll need to have at least $70,000 in liquid capital and a minimum net worth of $250,000. Franchisees can expect to make a total investment of at least $250,000. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory charges a franchise fee of $35,000.

How many Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory stores are there?

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory/Количество филиалов
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