Best answer: Is double good popcorn vegan?

What is double good popcorn?

Double Good Popcorn is a newly approved fundraising program for SkillsUSA chapters. This online platform sells gourmet popcorn and seeks to make fundraising simple and effective. … Once the fundraiser is over, the chapter will receive a check for 50% of all sales.

Is double good popcorn good?

Of all the popcorn we tried, Double Good’s In Queso Fire (pictured above) was a near-unanimous favorite. Flavored with garlic, onion, jalapeño, and cheddar cheese, the popcorn has a spicy-savory flavor that kept us coming back for more. Though it ultimately left us all with orange-stained fingers, it was well worth it.

Who is the owner of Double good popcorn?

Tim Heitmann, Founder of Double Good

Using the Double Good app, teams sell popcorn for just four days by sharing a link with friends and family, and keep 50% of the sales. Double Good then ships made-to-order popcorn directly to buyers, so there’s no paperwork or product to handle.

Where is double good popcorn made?

Every single one of our 16 unique flavors are handcrafted in small batches and made to order so that you always receive the freshest popcorn with the perfect crunch. That’s because you deserve popcorn, not preservatives. Made in Chicago.

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How long does double good popcorn last?

Yes! The shelf life of popcorn depends on what kind you have and whether it’s popped or unpopped. Popped popcorn: If left unopened, popped popcorn will be good for around two to four weeks. Once you open the package, the shelf life drops to one to two weeks.

How much is double good worth?

Estimated Revenue & Financials

Double Good’s estimated annual revenue is currently $23.2M per year.

What is the most popular popcorn?

Here are the ten most popular popcorn flavors . . .

  • Classic butter and salt. 31% of people said it’s their favorite way to eat popcorn.
  • White cheddar, 16%.
  • Caramel corn, also 16%.
  • Kettle corn, 15%. Women were 30% more likely to say they liked it than men.
  • Regular cheddar, 11%. …
  • Garlic, 3%.
  • “Turtle” popcorn. …
  • Plain.

What is the most popular popcorn flavor?

92% of respondents said they love popcorn. 40.82% said they like it sweet, 37.76% said they prefer it savory and 21.43% said they want it plain. However, butter is the most popular flavor (30.90%), followed by white cheese (16.20%) and then caramel corn (15.80%).

Who is Tim Heitmann?

Today on the program, Tim Heitmann. Tim is the founder and CEO of Popcorn Palace (now Double Good), a gourmet popcorn company that through its fundraising channel is responsible for raising over $45 million for organizations in the Chicagoland area.

Is double good a nonprofit?

In September 2017, company officials started the Double Goods Kids Foundation, which provides education, equipment and opportunities for children with disabilities to participate in sports and other activities. … Earth, a nonprofit offering services for people with autism and other disabilities.

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What is double good app?

Double Good is a virtual fundraising platform that helps youth sports teams and organizations raise the funds they need to do what they love. You’ll earn 50% profit selling the most ridiculously delicious gourmet popcorn made by Double Good. Say goodbye the headaches of your traditional fundraisers.

Does Double good popcorn ship to Canada?

Double Good on Twitter: “@MalikMin_44 at this time, no we don’t having shipping to Canada.” / Twitter.