Are lettuce wraps at Pei Wei gluten free?

Menu offerings include wok classics featuring rice, noodle and salad bowls along with lighter options such as lettuce wraps and sushi. Dishes are easily customized for a variety of palates and diets, including gluten-friendly and vegetarian.

Is there anything gluten-free at Pei Wei?

The menu is designed to be friendly for all diets, including gluten-free and vegetarian. Now, guests at all of Pei Wei’s locations nationwide can indulge in four popular dishes that offer new gluten-free options—Kung Pao, Mongolian, Ginger Broccoli and Fried Rice.

Does Pei Wei have lettuce wraps?

Starting at just $6.99, the new lettuce wraps are a perfect everyday option for a fresh and light, yet satisfying lunch, especially when paired with Pei Wei add-ons like Thai Wonton soup, a Vegetable Spring Roll or edamame.

Are Pei Wei lettuce wraps healthy?

“They are the menu item that’s highest in saturated fat,” says Cecere. “Lettuce wraps sound healthy, but with 46 grams of fat and 2,540 mg of sodium, these are far from it.”

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Is Pei Wei celiac safe?

Pei Wei’s Gluten-Free Practices

What is this? Furthermore, Pei Wei uses gluten-free soy sauce when cooking its gluten-free menu items. In fact, the restaurant only uses gluten-free soy sauce in all its dishes, gluten free or not. This offers a little extra reassurance that there’s no gluten cross contamination.

Is Pei Wei tofu gluten-free?

Our new tofu is crispy, non-GMO, and gluten free! I love Pei Wei.

Are Pei Wei fortune cookies gluten-free?

Pei Wei. According to Pei Wei’s nutrition guide, their fortune cookies contain egg, soy, and wheat allergens. Therefore, Pei Wei’s fortune cookies are neither vegan nor gluten-free.

What is the healthiest food at Pei Wei?

Most Nutritious Option

The most nutritious entrée at Pei Wei is the small firecracker spicy tofu dish, which contains 420 calories.

Does Pei Wei have spring rolls?

Pei Wei Vegetable Spring Rolls Ingredients

Crispy vegetable spring rolls filled with green cabbage, ginger, carrots, celery, black mushrooms, onions and glass noodles. Served with a sweet chili sauce.

Does Pei Wei have California rolls?

The chain already serves several sushi options, including Kung Pao Shrimp Roll, Mango California Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, Teriyaki Crunch Roll and Wasabi Crunch Roll.

What’s the best thing at Pei Wei?

Most Popular Items at Pei Wei

  • Firecracker Chicken. #1.
  • Firecracker Tofu. #2.
  • Spicy General Tso’s Chicken. #3.
  • Chicken & Broccoli. #4.
  • Thai Coconut Curry Chicken. #5.
  • Sweet & Sour Chicken. #6.
  • Spicy Korean BBQ Steak. #7.
  • Honey-Seared Chicken. #8.

What is Pei Wei known for?

Pei Wei Asian Diner, LLC, doing business as Pei Wei Asian Kitchen, (/ˌpeɪ ˈweɪ/)) is an American restaurant chain serving Pan Asian fare, operating in at 119 locations in the U.S.. Pei Wei’s dishes are made to order in an open concept kitchen using cooking methods like wok firing.

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Does Pei Wei use real chicken?

grass-fed steak and never-frozen white-meat chicken, every dish begins with mindfully sourced, fresh ingredients selected for nutrition as well as world-class flavor. no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, while being completely honest about any shortcomings or areas needing improvement.

Is anything at Olive Garden gluten-free?

Yes. We have special handling procedures for our gluten-free pasta. The gluten-free pasta is cooked in a sanitized kettle, rather than the pasta cookers that we use to cook our other pasta. … The menu items we call “gluten sensitive” are our menu items that are made without gluten-containing ingredients.

Are rice noodles gluten-free?

Are Rice Noodles Gluten-Free? Yes, rice noodles are naturally gluten-free. Always check the ingredients before you buy them, but most rice noodles are made of just two ingredients – rice flour, and water.

Does Pei Wei use soy?

Soy is abundantly present in almost every menu item at Pei Wei in the form of soy sauce, edamame, tofu, and soybean oil. The white rice, brown rice, and noodles do not contain soy as an ingredient.