How to Make the Perfect Smoothie Every Time

If you know me at all, you know I love smoothies. I’ve made one just about every day for the past 5 years and still love them just as much today as my very first sip.

After making nearly 1,800 smoothies, I’ve definitely learned a thing or two about how to make a smoothie that makes your tastebuds sing.

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How to make the perfect smoothie every time

One critical thing you need to make a delicious smoothie is a blender! No, you don’t need a $500 blender with all the bells and whistles. If you’re on a tight budget, any blender will do. I’ve got to say, the blender I use is amazing and it didn’t break the bank.

The other thing you need to make a smoothie is everything you want to go in it! I know, it can be a little overwhelming to know where to start. Don’t worry! Just follow these simple steps to make the perfect smoothie every time.

1. Pick your base liquid

Your base liquid is what’s going to keep your smoothie the perfect consistency. If you were to just blend fruit, your smoothie would be super thick and nearly impossible to drink.

I often use water to keep my smoothies light or plant-based milk to add a nice creaminess. Orange juice (or other fruit juice) is also a great fruity option. Just make sure it’s as natural as possible.

You’ll want to use about 1 cup of whatever liquid you choose.

2. Grab your favorite fruits

Try a mixture of sweeter fruits with fruits that are a little more tart. Like mango with pineapple. Or banana with raspberry. This combo seems to work well together.

I find that a mixture of frozen and fresh fruit makes the best smoothie. Why? All fresh fruit means you won’t get that cold, thick texture, but all frozen fruit will make your smoothie super thick so you’ll have to dilute it with a lot of liquid. When that happens, I feel like as I drink the smoothie and it gets less frozen, the texture gets a little funky.

Toss in about 2 cups of fruit.

3. Sneak in your greens

I don’t know about you but this vegan is not a fan of kale. Smoothies are a fantastic way to sneak in greens without even tasting them.

You can use fresh spinach, kale or other leafy greens or you can use a greens powder like spirulina, chlorella or a mix (I love the Amazing Grass powders. I’m currently using the Alkalize and Detox flavor).

Add 1 handful of fresh or 1 scoop of powder greens.

4. Give it a boost

This is where you get to be creative! Think to yourself, “What else will make this smoothie complete?”

You can add your favorite vegan protein powder for muscle recovery or a superfood powder like maca for extra nutrients. Looking for healthy fats? Try adding nut butter or chia, hemp or flax seeds.

Add 1 scoop of powder or 1 tablespoon of nut butter or seeds.

Scroll down for step #5!

How to Make the Perfect Smoothie Every Time

5. Blend

Once you’ve added all your goodies to your blender, blend it up until smooth. My blender has a handy “smoothie” button, which gives me the perfect smooth, creamy texture every time.

Like I said earlier, you don’t need one of those high-class blenders you see a lot of vegans using. You just need something that blends.

I totally understand that as someone who might be new to the vegan lifestyle, you’re not sure if you want to go out and drop hundreds of dollars on a blender. Or maybe you couldn’t even if you wanted to because it’s simply not in the budget.

I’ve mentioned a couple times now how much I love the blender I use. It’s a Ninja Blender.

My husband and I ditched our expensive blender a year and a half ago and “upgraded” to the Ninja which cost half the price!

You may be wondering how a more affordable blender could actually be better than the pricey ones.

The Ninja Blender consistently delivers amazing results. And not just with smoothies! I use it to make hummus, vegan ricotta cheese, and veggie burgers!

One of my absolute favorite features are the powerful suction cups that hold the blender in place. I used to have to use all my strength to keep my expensive blender from hopping off the counter.

Little design features like that and the blades going up through the center make this blender a must-have.

What’s even more amazing is there so many different models to choose from that you’re bound to find one that fits your exact needs.

This is the one I have!

What is your favorite fruit combo to put in a smoothie? Share in the comments!

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