How to Not Starve as a Vegan: A Guide for Picky Eaters

Quesadillas, alfredo pasta, and pizza. That’s pretty much all I used to eat. Was I picky? Oh yeah! And that was before I went vegan! Taking my main food groups away on a plant-based diet meant I had even fewer foods available to eat that I actually liked.

But look at me now! Three years later and I haven’t starved to death as a vegan. #progress

Going vegan as a picky eater may sound downright impossible, especially when fruits and vegetables seem to make up the bulk of a vegan diet. But I’m here to tell you that you can eat a satisfying and healthy diet as a picky eater. Are you ready?!

How to Not Starve as a Vegan_ A Guide for Picky Eaters

Wait, hold up. What made me, or you, or anyone a picky eater in the first place, though? Most likely you made the decision that you don’t like something way back when you were a child. That’s when most of us are at our pickiest.

It could have also been subconscious. Maybe there was negative energy like mom and dad fighting at the dinner table or you received horrible news while you were eating. In those experiences, you subconsciously equated the food you were eating to bad.

Be sure to keep that in mind going forward and give foods you don’t like a second chance. Follow these tips for picky eaters on a plant-based diet and you’ll be surprised at not only how much food you can eat, but also how many more foods you’ll want to eat!

Make a list of foods you love

One of the first things I recommend every new vegan do, whether they’re picky or not, is to make a list of all the foods you love to eat. These foods can be vegan or not, it doesn’t matter so long as it’s something you truly enjoy eating.

Once you have your list, put the word “vegan” in front of all the non-vegan foods. Have cheese on your list? Change it to vegan cheese. Got it? Good. Now take your handy little list and head to the grocery store. Stocking up on foods you love will make meal time that much more fun! Make sure you always have food you love in the pantry, so long as it’s vegan.

Find recipes that use your favorite foods

Now that your kitchen is stocked with all the foods you love to eat, search online for different recipes that use those ingredients. Finding different ways of preparing the foods you love can help you not get bored with those same three recipes you keep rotating.

The easiest way to do this is to type “vegan recipes with [your favorite food]” into your search bar and explore the results until you find something you’re willing to try out. There are even some recipe sites out there that will let you search for recipes based on ingredients.

Don’t write off the foods you don’t like right now

Ok, so you’ve tried avocados a few times over the course of your life and you just can’t stand the texture. That’s totally fine. I’ve been there. But just because you don’t like something right now, doesn’t mean you won’t end up liking it in the future.

One thing you’ll notice on a plant-based lifestyle is that your tastebuds change and one day you try an avocado again and it’s not so bad, or maybe it’s even delicious! Your body wants what you give it most so if you slowly incorporate more fruits and veggies, they will start tasting good to you.

Keep an open mind

It’s pretty common for picky eaters to say they don’t like something even before they’ve even tried it! So I challenge you to try everything at least once. And like I said earlier, even if you don’t like it right now, don’t be afraid to try it again in the future.

While you’re trying all these new foods as a vegan picky eater, try to approach each bite with optimism. Don’t put the food in your mouth thinking you’ll hate it or making that scrunchy face. That’ll definitely influence your opinion of the food. Always try new foods with a positive outlook.

If you do these four things, I guarantee you will have a full plate at every meal of food you love and if you stay open to it, you will discover new foods you might just love even more!

Don’t forget to share this post with any picky eaters you know!

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