61 Powerful TED Talks on the Impact of Veganism

Do you ever feel like you aren’t being told the whole story? Like there’s more information out there that could give you the knowledge to live a better, healthier, and more fulfilling life.

Education is key to unlocking your door toward better health. What’s on the other side of that door is up to you and how deep you want to dig to find the truth. And it’s not just health! It’s our impact on others around us, and the impact that others have on us.

For those with naturally inquisitive minds, searching for the truth comes easy. For others, finding the information can be a hurdle that may prevent us from looking further. If you’re one of those people, keep reading. I wrote this post just for you!

I spent hours combing through the interweb to compile a list of all the Ted Talks I could find on veganism, health, our food system and so much more to make it easy for you to simply click, listen and absorb knowledge.

These talks share the impact of a plant-based diet on our health and nutrition, and the possibilities of change that a vegan lifestyle can bring about in our food system and for animal rights.

Why did I choose to narrow it to Ted Talks? I love that TED is dedicated to spreading ideas that challenge us to think. On top of that, the videos are all less that 20 minutes long so you can easily watch them in your spare time. Plus, if I hadn’t narrowed it to TED Talks and had just left it open to the world of videos…what a long list that would be!!

I hope you are able to take something away from these videos and that they encourage you to try something new. Click a video below to start exploring!

61 Powerful TED Talks on the Impact of Veganism

TED Talks on Veganism

TED Talks on Health

TED Talks on Nutrition

TED Talks on Animal Products

TED Talks on Food System

TED Talks on Animal Rights


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