What I Ate in a Day as a Vegan

Eating a vegan diet is not about restriction, sacrifice, or dull tasteless food. It’s an abundant lifestyle full of colorful, life-giving foods!

I understand, though. If you’re new to this lifestyle, it can seem daunting every meal to whip up something tasty, healthy, and sans animal products. Trust me, you don’t have to eat salad all the time.

I thought I’d give you a peek into what I eat in a day as a vegan to possibly offer some inspiration for your meal time. While each day is different, I am one of those people who love routine so there are some things I eat and drink every day (and I like it like that!).

What I Ate as a Vegan

First thing in the morning

On a typical weekday, I wake up at 6 am and drink a liter of water while I get ready for work. I aim to drink two liters of water every day, so drinking one liter first thing in the morning means I’m already halfway there. I’ve also started adding a bit of lemon juice to give it a little flavor.

Since I started drinking a liter of water in the morning, I feel more energetic. Think of it, it’s been at least 8 hours since I had anything to drink, so my body and brain are parched! This is a great way to quickly rehydrate. It also helps to kickstart my digestion so I can eliminate early and not have to carry around last night’s dinner.

water with lemon


My favorite breakfast for the past four years has been smoothies. I can’t seem to get enough of them! And we all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so if I don’t have my smoothie, it seems like my whole day is thrown off! (Looking for a good smoothie recipe? Try the blueberry protein smoothie and the banana mango smoothie!)

On this particular day, I combined frozen pineapple, frozen mango, frozen bananas, and frozen peaches with some water. The flavor was good but it came out way too thick since everything was frozen so I decided to make my very first smoothie bowl! I topped it with chia seeds and coconut flakes. Yum!

smoothie bowl


Usually my smoothies are so large that I’m just taking my last sip around lunch time. So I either have a late lunch or just grab a snack like a Clif Bar.

I typically just reheat leftovers from the night before. The other night I threw together a really quick dinner: I heated up some frozen brown rice and corn with some coconut aminos for seasoning. Then I cut up a fresh avocado and done! So the next day I reheated what was left for a small lunch.



I find that my husband and I go through phases, which you can probably see by looking at my Instagram. Sometimes we are all about the burritos, but right now our go-to dinner has been veggie burgers. They take 10-15 minutes to make and they can be as healthy or unhealthy as you like!

We usually build ours with a thin bun, Hilary’s veggie patty, pickles, lettuce and avocado (and vegan cheese if we’re feeling bad). If you stick to the thin bun, patties with good clean ingredients, and whole food toppings, you can have a burger without feeling a stitch of guilt.



Most nights, I like having dessert… or at least something to snack on while we watch our show. But I do catch myself sometimes wanting something sweet but realizing that I’m actually dehydrated! So I skip dessert and drink more water instead.

My favorite dessert of all time is the classic chocolate chip cookie. Back to Nature’s Chocolate Chunk Cookies are my favorite store bought cookies, but nothing compares to homemade cookies. I whipped these up and they taste AMAZING!


If I were to leave you with any parting words to take from this snapshot into what I eat in a day, they would be to make sure you always drink enough water, listen to what your body needs, choose mostly whole foods so you never have to feel guilty, and indulge when you want to.

What’s your favorite meal of the day and why? Share in the comments!


  1. Great post! A litre of water in the morning sounds like a great idea- I really struggle with dehydration throughout my day.
    My favourite meal has to be breakfast- breakfast foods are just the best. Vegan pancakes, waffles, tofu scramble, vegan fry up, smoothie bowls. The food is just tooo good!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yummmmm! Yeah breakfast foods are so delicious. Waffles and French toast are my favorite. But I’m bummed because they’re not very good to my tummy.
      I used hardly drink any water. Like I would be proud if I drank half a liter in a whole day. I really have to be intentional about getting enough in. Experiment with different tricks (like drinking a liter in the morning) so you can make sure you drink enough.

      Liked by 1 person

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