15 Vegan Gift Ideas Your Friends Will Actually Love

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It’s gift giving season! This is such a happy time of year when we get to share joy with other people.

To get someone the perfect gift takes a lot of thought. A great idea is to give a gift they wouldn’t typically buy for themselves…or haven’t thought to buy for themselves.

So where do you start?

If they have a “thing” (like they’re a gamer, sports fan, or, hey, maybe they’re vegan!), you’re pretty safe gifting anything along those lines, since you know they already love it.

As a vegan, I am grateful and appreciative any time a person puts thought into giving me a gift related to my lifestyle because it’s such a huge part of the way I live.

Vegan Gift Ideas

If you as the “gifter” are vegan yourself, you’ll probably have a few good ideas of what to surprise your vegan friends and family with.

But what if you aren’t vegan and haven’t the slightest idea what to give a vegan? Well, in that case, you came to the right place.

You are bound to find inspiration in this list of gift ideas for vegans that ranges from clothing to kitchen gadgets to alcohol. Enjoy!

Vegan Apparel

For those who like to wear their vegan lifestyle loud and proud, opt for a graphic tee with a clever saying or a hat with a smiling banana. These are a fun way to share your love for animals or kale.

If your “giftee” prefers more subtle vegan clothes and accessories, pick out a cruelty free leather purse or wallet. These are especially great for new vegans in the process of replacing all their real leather items.

Vegan Body Care Items

When it comes to buying special body care items, there are people who love them and buy them regularly, and there are others who think it would be fun to try but can’t justify spending the money.

If your loved one falls in either of these groups, gift a collection of body scrubs, face masks, hair treatments, and more! You’d be surprised what sort of products are out there.

Vegan Leather Journal

Journals are a great way to get thoughts out of your head and onto paper. A quality vegan leather journal is a perfect gift for those who find themselves writing all the time.

Especially for people (like myself) who tend to use whatever piece of paper or random notebook I can find, having a dedicated journal to contain my thoughts would be a kind and thoughtful gift.

Vegan Candles

Whether your giftee is a man or woman, candles are a great addition to anyone’s home. They make a house feel cozy (or relieve a stinky bathroom).

Candles also make great gifts for White Elephant gift exchanges. Just stick to a more gender neutral scent if you don’t know who will be taking it home.

Vegan Subscription

This is the gift the keeps on giving. There are so many vegan subscription gifts. Choose a vegan snack box for your munchy friends who like to discover new treats. Vegan beauty boxes are fantastic for your glam girls.

Meal boxes are super popular right now, too, so find one like Purple Carrot that offers completely vegan meal options. Or you can surprise them with a fruit-of-the-month subscription for a stock of whole fruits every month.


If you feel like going all out, give them a machine that will help them make all kinds of delicious food from smoothies to soups, and ice cream to sauces.

The king of blenders is said to be the Vitamix. At $350+ a pop, this will probably be reserved for your closest family or friends. The are plenty of other fantastic blenders out there that won’t break the bank.

Vegan Cookbook

Being vegan is all about exploring new foods and veganizing your old favorites. Help your friends expand their recipe repertoire and you may even be lucky enough to reap the benefits with a dinner invite.

So many vegan bloggers and YouTubers have created cookbooks for just about any type of food. Raw vegan, comfort food, smoothies, dressings and sauces, you name it.

Kitchen Gadgets

While trying out new recipes, your giftee might want to test out new techniques like making zoodles with a spiralizer or vegan cheese with a food processor.

A multi-chopper is also a fantastic option for someone who loves potato wedges or chopped fruits and veggies. There are so many possibilities when it comes to kitchen gadgets.

Vegan Cooking Class

vegan cooking class
This is a perfect gift for couples who like to spend time together in the kitchen or for singles who want to get out and meet people with their same love for food.

There are all types of cooking classes like Persian cuisine, brunch style, seasonal and so much more. Have fun picking out a class that will encourage your friend to step a bit outside of their comfort zone.


Not only should every vegan have a Hydroflask, but every person should have one. These vacuum-insulated bottles keep hot liquids hot and cold liquids cold for 24 hours!

They come in all different colors and sizes to fit each person’s personality and needs. (I use my 40 oz. Hydroflask every day for my smoothie.)

Vegan Alcohol

No, not all alcohol is vegan. Wine and beer are sometimes processed with fining agents made from animal by-products like gelatin or casein.

So for the alcohol aficionado, find some quality wine or beer to help them celebrate the season and ring in the new year.

Indoor Herb Garden

Fresh herbs make a world of difference in cooking but it can be hard to keep them on hand without them going bad. An indoor herb garden, not only solves that problem, but it can be such a satisfying feeling to grow your own food.

Also consider a seed sprouter for those who enjoy alfalfa, broccoli, chickpea or any other kind of sprouts in their meals.

Fruit and Veggie Shaped Dishware

Photo credit: Vegetabowls

Because food is a huge part of being vegan, it can be fun to add quirky bowls or plates to express our love of food.

You can find cantaloupe, watermelon, cabbage, grapefruit, celery, carrots, corn. Whole food lovers will get a kick out of dishware shaped like their favorite fruits and veggies.

Specialty Vegan Foods

It’s amazing what they do with vegan cheese these days. Blue, gouda, brie, the choices are endless. Maybe pair it with some vegan wine!

If cheese isn’t the way you want to go, give a basket of specialty health food items like maca powder, spirulina, nutritional yeast, or chlorella for the superfood fan.

Vegan Baked Goods

vegan chocolate chip cookies

Who doesn’t love baked goods this time of year?! Show your love with a plate of chocolate chip cookies or decorated sugar cookies. You can even get creative and make chocolate dipped pretzels or creamy fudge.

If you’re not vegan yourself, don’t be intimidated to try a new recipe. There are so many simple recipes out there that result in delicious, decadent treats.

What gift would you love to receive as a vegan? Share in the comments?
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