Can a Plant-Based Diet Help to Reform Inmates?

That’s exactly what Pennsylvania state prisons intend to find out.

Starting in November, 200 volunteer inmates at each facility will transition to a plant-based diet to determine if it improves their health and anti-social behavior and keeps inmates from returning to jail.

The research project is the third prong in a larger initiative called “The Redemption Project,” aimed at keeping at-risk children from committing crime.


Retired State Trooper Matt Harris started the project with the goal of “seeing if the diet changes their behavior in prison, and we think it does.”

The project will supply food to the prisons and measure sugar and glucose levels through regular blood tests, according to Harris.

Inmates who volunteer for the program and less than two years left on their sentences will also be trained to develop job skills for careers in culinary education, green cleaning, and landscaping. Harris hopes this training with keep them from returning to jail after their release.

The other two prongs of “The Redemption Project” include sending active law enforcement into classrooms to teach children character traits that may not be taught at home, as well as teaching moral reasoning and anger management to kids in the juvenile system to keep them from re-offending.

Photo: Erie News Now


  1. I’m the art teacher in a young offenders jail and what they are fed here in the uk is shocking. I always think what a difference it would make if they fed them better, especially fresh plantbased meals! It’s a crime in itself what they are given as food! I really hope this research proves how important eating plantbased is! Thanks for sharing

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  2. Interesting insight. Most people see healthy eating as vainful or something you need if get diagnosed of an ailment.

    I believe that a good diet is transformative in a physical and mental way for our bodies. Great piece!

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