The Complete Vegan Egg Substitution Guide

A typical recipe for cookies, cakes, breads, or any baked good is almost guaranteed to call for eggs. And just because we’ve gone vegan doesn’t mean we stopped loving all those tasty treats! So we must find a vegan egg substitute.

The problem is, though, that one size does not fit all. There doesn’t seem to be one vegan egg substitute that truly does everything an egg does when baking. And what is it that eggs do, you might ask?

Vegan Egg Substitution Guide

In baking, eggs do three things:

  1. Bind: Eggs harden as they are heated to provide structure and hold all the ingredients together
  2. Leaven: Eggs create that light, fluffy, airiness and help baked goods rise
  3. Moisten: Eggs are liquid and full of fat so they add moisture and richness

Use this vegan egg substitution guide the next time you whip out your apron and measuring cups to ensure your goodies turn out perfect.

What’s your favorite treat to make with an egg substitute?

Click the image below to print!

Vegan Egg Replacer.png


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