California’s State Dinosaur is Vegetarian

California now has a state dinosaur and it is, fittingly, a vegetarian. Last month, Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill to name the Augustynolophus morrisi California’s official state dinosaur. As a hadrosaur, “Auggie”, as it’s lovingly referred to, eats a plant-based diet and has a mouth shaped like a duckbill.

California's State Dinosaur is Vegetarian

The dinosaur, which lived between 66 million and 100 million years ago, was discovered in Fresno in 1939. Special to the Golden State, remains of the Augustynolophus morrisi were only found in California.

California currently has over 30 state insignia including the golden poppy, the California grizzly, and denim (the state fabric, of course).

What is your favorite insignia for your home state?


Photo courtesy of Natural History Museum of Los Angeles



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