Kansas Residents Win Fight Against Proposed Tyson Factory Farm

Tyson Foods’ plan to build a $320 million poultry complex in Kansas has been thwarted by a “wall of local resistance,” according to a Drovers article. Nearly 3,000 Leavenworth County residents attended a town hall meeting earlier this month, voicing their concern to local law makers.

Kansas Residents Win Fight Against Proposed Tyson Factory Farm

“Specifically, residents are concerned about the environmental impact from the Tyson facility, the smell, waste runoff, etc.,” said Drovers. The facility would butcher 1.25 million chickens per week, totaling 65 million chickens in just one year.

Leavenworth County Commissioners voted 2-1 to overturn their pledge of $500 million for the new Tyson facility. After the town hall meeting, Tyson released an open letter saying they are putting their plans in Leavenworth County “on hold.”

Citizens Against Project Sunset (CAPS), a non-profit formed to fight the Tyson facility plans says it is encouraged by Tyson’s decision to put the project on hold.

“Today we can smile briefly,” says local resident and CAPS board member Jarret Pruitt. “Tomorrow we must wake up more committed and determined to continue this fight. The chickenization of northeast Kansas will not be tolerated!”


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