Vegan Restaurant Donates All Profits to Charity

P.S. Kitchen, a new vegan restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen, New York, will be donating all of their profits to charities with missions to disrupt the poverty cycle, such as The Doe Fund and Share Hope.

PS Kitchen

The upscale eatery serves small plates such as maitake mushroom-stuffed bao buns, glazed whole-roasted carrots, and watermelon salad with plant-based feta, and larger dinner options including the P.S. Burger—made with a Beyond Burger patty.

On top of donating all profits to charity, P.S. Kitchen hires staff from underprivileged backgrounds.

Their mission says, “We commit our energy, passion, and time to giving others a ‘hand up’ rather than a ‘hand out.’  Our mission is to break the cycle of poverty by connecting resources to vulnerable communities, providing tools necessary for self-sustainability, and building meaningful relationships with our neighbors, near and far.”

As for the “P.S.” in the name: “This is more than a restaurant and the postscript reflects that there is more to the story,” explains co-owner Craig Cochran. “P.S. We donate all profits to charitable organizations. P.S. We hire staff from underprivileged backgrounds. P.S. All food and drink is plant-based.”

P.S. Kitchen differentiates itself by committing to:

  1. “Creating jobs for those marginalized in New York, such as clients of our partnering organizations.
  2. Donating 100% of profits to sustainable charitable work locally and overseas.
  3. Providing New Yorkers with delicious food options that are kind to the body and the earth.”

Considering about 40 percent of Americans choose plant-based options when they eat out, P.S. Kitchen’s menu appeals to consumers who are looking to cut back on meat and dairy. As a bonus, New Yorkers can help their local community every time they dine!

View the full menu here.


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