Vegan Flag Seeks to Solidify Movement

The vegan movement now has an international flag. Designed by Gad Hakimi, an Israeli designer, the flag was created to solidify the global movement toward compassion.

With input from an international design team and the Vegan Flag Facebook group, the flag was designed with three triangles that form the letter V using blue, green and white, which represents sea, land, and air.


According to the Vegan Flag Facebook group, the colors were chosen because of the values they represent:

  • Blue – sky, sea, faith, truth, heaven
  • Green – land, life, nature, energy, harmony
  • White – unity, light, goodness, success, beginning

Hakimi, inspired by the LGBTQ rainbow flag, created the vegan flag with the belief that “every important movement in history has a powerful and memorable flag,” according to the Facebook group.

When creating the flag, Hakimi followed five guidelines of designing a flag:

  • Only using three colors
  • Not replicating existing flag designs
  • Omitting text and seals
  • Using meaningful symbolism
  • Keeping the flag so simple that a child could draw it from memory

The flag is now being spread across the internet. Free digital downloads are available and other items such as stickers, t-shirts, and actual flags are being sold in online stores.

Hakimi’s goal is that “the flag be identified everywhere and appear everywhere. I have a feeling that the flag is really going to catch,” he told Tivo News.

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