World-Class Steakhouse Offers Vegan Menu

World-class steakhouse, Daniel’s Broiler Prime Steaks & Chops, debuted an all-vegan menu to keep up with demand for vegan dishes. The Washington state-based restaurant now offers Stuffed Mushrooms, Penne Bolognese, Kimchi Fried Grains & Rice, and Cheese Ravioli stuffed with almond-based ricotta, among other items that are all free of animal products.


“We felt there was a market we could capture onto that a vegetarian or a vegan consumer knows they have a place to go where their friends or family may want a steak,” Corporate Executive Chef Peter Coulter told local news station King 5.

Coulter’s challenge was to swap out animal-based ingredients while keeping the dish tasty and cost-effective. To do this, he added some of the items from the plant-based menu onto the main menu.

“We put the kale protein salad on there with nuts and whole grains, and we made a vegan so-called honey mustard,” said Coulter.  “It’s not honey, it’s agave, and vegan mayonnaise and just regular mustard and people are loving it.”

Coulter touts that many of these new dishes surprise carnivores.

“If I didn’t tell you, you wouldn’t know it (the bolognese) was vegan. I think that’s my goal because I’m a meat eater,” said Coulter.

While prime beef is still the restaurant’s main attraction, customers on a plant-based diet can now feel welcome.

The vegan menu, which was released last week at all three of their locations, is available by request and the restaurant will soon be listed on Happy Cow.


  1. Unfortunately, the vegans still have to watch the steak being eaten. :(— I once — literally — returned to a Houston hotel and vomited after watching my then-boyfriend cut a ton of gristle and fat from his steak and pile it onto another plate.


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