Israel’s First Vegan Supermarket Now Open

Israel’s first completely vegan grocery store just opened in Tel Aviv. Gal Hayarok (Green Wave) is described as a “safe space” for herbivores in the country with more vegans per capita than any other country in the world.


Founders Refael Avraham and Eylon Zakzar guarantee that all 4,000+ of their products are absolutely, 100 percent animal-free at all stages of production. Some of the products carried in the store include dairy-free alternatives, baked goods, ready-meals, cereals, and legumes, and much more.

Avraham and Zakzar want to make vegan options more accessible and plan to open five more stores across the country by next year.

Green Wave joins a growing family of vegan grocery stores that have been popping up across the globe. Londoners have GreenBay and Australians have Vegan Perfection, while India has Wegan Foods and Paris has Naturalia. You can’t forget about Veganz in Berlin and Honest to Goodness in the UK.

The vegan diet has grown rapidly in Israel over the last decade, which has only been increased after Israel’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development installed cameras in their slaughterhouses, and the Isreali Army decided to serve vegan food in their cafeterias in 2014.

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