8 Vegan-Friendly Summer Activities Everyone Should Try

Summer is here and we’ve got the +90 degree weather to prove it. No matter how hot it is, summer has always been my favorite season and the time of year when I get that itch to get outside and play. I find that some of my favorite activities are those that allow me to connect deeper with nature, animals, or the vegan lifestyle.

If you’re looking for something new to do this weekend, try something from this vegan-friendly list and have some fun!



There’s something about hearing the crunch of dirt under your shoes that’s so therapeutic. Spend some time getting lost (figuratively, not literally) in nature. If you’re not familiar with any trails nearby, a quick Google search will likely uncover some new areas for you to explore. While you’re hiking, please practice Leave No Trace to protect the animals and the environment.

Fruit picking

Rather than walking the produce aisle in the supermarket, stroll through rows of the freshest produce at your local farm. Some fruit and vegetable farms allow you to pick your own food. You’ll get a lot of satisfaction out of being the one to pull your food off its vine. Bonus: You’ll bring home a haul of fresh fruits and veggies that you can enjoy for days.

Visit an animal sanctuary

Spend some time with animals who have been rescued and are now protected to live out a peaceful and happy life, as all animals are meant to. Every animal has a story. It’s such a wonderful opportunity to look into their eyes and share love.

Make a feeder

This is an activity you’ll be able to enjoy even after you’re done! Search YouTube for instructions on how to make a bird feeder and spend the day adding your personal touch to your creation. Also do some research to find the most natural kind of bird food to put in your new feeder. You may even be able to make some yourself! Then sit back and watch as beautiful birds come to eat from your creation.


Sleep under the stars and listen to the sound of crickets chirping and coyotes howling in the distance. Hear nothing man-made but your own breathing. Camping is a great opportunity to live a couple days away from your normal life. Don’t forget to practice Leave No Trace here too.

Plant a garden

Whether you have a large plot of land or no outdoor space at all, plant some herbs, vegetables or fruit that you love in the ground or a pot. You’ll feel so gratified when you pick the food you’ve grown from nothing and add it to your dishes. Who knows, you may be inspired to explore new ingredients and recipes!

Take a vegan cooking class

Sometimes it’s easy to cook the same few dishes every week and not challenge ourselves to discover new concoctions. Taking a cooking class will expose you to new ingredients and cooking techniques that will ignite an excitement for cooking and broaden your vegan recipe repertoire.

Make vegan ice cream

Ice cream and summer go hand in hand so this one is a no brainer. There are so many recipes for vegan ice cream to satisfy any sweet tooth. All you need is a blender or ice cream maker, a few ingredients, and your favorite toppings and you’re set. Maybe even scoop it onto a cone and bring out your inner child.

What’s your favorite summer activity?


  1. I might be a weirdo, but I don’t have a favourite summer activity as I get the summer (!) (not winter) blues! I like to sit the summer out and wait for the cooler autumn/winter months! Only thing I like to do in summer, being by the sea, staring at the water which has a very calming effect on me.


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