Vegan Cat Café Coming to Los Angeles

What goes together better than cruelty-free eats and cuddly kitties? Probably nothing. In Los Angeles, that fantasy is about to become reality with the CatCafe Lounge. The completely nonprofit café, scheduled to open this summer, will serve vegan snacks, drinks, and cuddles from their adoptable cats and kittens.


Kristi Labrenz Galvan founded the CatCafe Lounge with the mission to “increase adoptions & reduce euthanizations while socializing cats,” according to their website.

The site explains, “Cats are private and territorial beings by nature – the current adoption process requires either moving cats to and from adoption sites or trying to ‘get to know’ your potential furbaby through the bars of a cage. These environments make cats scared and reserved and doesn’t allow them to show their true colors.”

Enter the CatCafe Lounge. A place where friendly and frisky felines can be themselves, allowing them and their potential adopter to get to know each other and form the beginnings of a lifelong bond.

Click the image below to watch the teaser.

CatCafe Lounge - Something Big is Coming!

The café will serve vegan snacks including Shugah Mama’s OG Cookie and Cookiewiches, cheese and cracker snack packs from Yvonne’s Kitchen, and a selection of cookies from Pomegranate, a local vendor. Drinks will include Demitasse Coffee, Draft Health-Ade Kombucha, and cold brew coffee made by California-based company Verve.

Though the café will serve vegan food and drinks, they are working mainly with vendors who don’t emblazon the vegan message on their packaging. They are also not branding themselves as vegan, all with the purpose of reaching a wider customer base.

Click here to learn more about the CatCafe Lounge

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