World’s First 24-Hour Vegan Drive-Thru Coming in June

Get ready, Canada! You’re about to make history with the world’s first 24-hour vegan drive-thru. Globally Local, a London, Ontario restaurant, is opening a second location that will feature a drive-thru open all day.


“We’ve been extremely busy at our location downtown, so much so that we really needed another location for the city,” said Globally Local owner James McInnes. “One with a bit bigger infrastructure, so we can have faster service and a drive-thru, making vegan fast food more convenient for people.”

Since the vegan fast food restaurant opened its first location they say they’ve received an overwhelmingly positive response.

“It’s definitely exceeded what our expectations were, especially for the fact that we’ve gotten a lot of global media coverage, so there’s been a lot of international attention to what we’ve been doing,” said McInnes.

Globally Local specializes in what McInnes calls “vegan comfort food. The stuff that people think you can’t have when you’re a vegan,” such as vegan versions of hamburgers, including their Famous Burger which is a play on the Big Mac, along with tacos, macaroni and cheese, and french fries.

James and Lia McInnes, the restaurateurs behind Globally Local, plan to keep growing. Their goal is to conquer the world.

“We’re not just trying to be a restaurant. We want to be a global fast-food chain,” McInnes said, adding 90 to 95% of his customers are not vegan.

“It is the start of the change of an industry. Drive-thrus are just a necessity in our fast-paced culture.”

This new location is set to open in June at Highbury Avenue and Cheapside Street and will have seating for 120 people.

While Globally Local will be the first to feature a 24-hour drive-thru, several vegan restaurants in the US, including Vege-Way and Plant Power Fast Food, serve up fast food classics vegan-style and serve them out a drive-thru.


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