How Going Vegan Changed My Body

There’s no question that any change in diet will positively or negatively affect the body. After going vegan, I experienced a lot of changes, and some I wasn’t even expecting!

Some of these changes happened right away and others have taken more time. Regardless, the body I live in now is exponentially healthier than the body I lived in two years ago.


More energy

One of the first things I noticed after cutting out the animal products was an increase in my energy level. I used to struggle with constant fatigue and sluggishness so much so that I would be yawning all day and take frequent midday naps. After going vegan, I focused a lot on how much I was eating so I went from about 1,400 to 2,000-2,500 calories a day. Getting more food and better food boosted my energy levels like never before.

Gained weight

I’m always a little hesitant to mention this to non-vegans for fear that all they’ll hear is “weight gain” and be turned off for good. As I mentioned before, I was eating about 1,400 calories, sometimes less, on a daily basis. I was essentially starving myself, which means I was missing essential tissue on my body. Once I started eating the amount of food my body needed, I started to build healthy tissue. Before I weighed myself, I could feel a difference and it was a bit startling since I had been the same weight since high school so never really experienced weight gain. Ultimately, I gained about 6 pounds but some of it fell off and now I’ve leveled out.

Healthier skin

In previous posts I’ve talked about my struggle with acne. No matter what face wash or ointment I used, nothing made a difference. Surprisingly, I noticed an improvement after just a few weeks of eating plants. Now my skin is cleared up with a rare pimple here and there. And the pimples I do get are much smaller and heal much faster. My skin is also more hydrated because of all the water I’m drinking and water-filled fruits and veggies I’m eating.

Better digestion

I used to have bowel movements a couple times a week. Now I go #2 a couple times a day! It shocked me to understand how much waste I had been carrying around. Eating a vegan diet has cleaned out my bowels so much so that I’m able to eliminate food the same day.

My bloating has also gone down. My stomach used to expand like a basketball after every meal. Since going vegan, my bloating has slowly gone down. Though it’s not completely gone yet, I pay close attention to what I eat to continue to improve my digestion.

Happier periods

Cramps are a painful reminder of the monthly burden women bear. With a vegan diet, my cramps have disappeared. Although they were never debilitating, they sure were uncomfortable. Now I almost forget that I’m on my period.

Without all the hormones from meat and dairy, I’m also not as emotional. Every month I would be on a roller coaster, crying for no reason. I do still get emotional from time to time but it’s much less noticeable and much more manageable.

Clearer sinuses

I used to be so filled with mucous that I would get sinus infections and mucous would literally be coming out of my eyes. Disgusting, I know. On top of that, I suffered from chronic allergies. My sinuses may not be totally clear and my allergies may not be gone, but I’ve seen a drastic improvement. A main cause of my allergies is my two children: irresistible Bengal kitties named Scrappy and Asia. But, the inflammation and mucous caused by all the dairy I ate has now gone down and I’m left with somewhat clearer sinuses.

What sort of changes, positive or negative, have you noticed on a vegan diet? Just starting off in your vegan journey? What changes are you hoping to experience? Share in the comments!


    1. Wow! I’m so excited for you!! This is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. Please reach out if you have any questions or just want to chat about how it’s going.
      I’ve also got a Pinterest account where I’ve got links to all sorts of great resources for new vegans. Recipes too.

      Good luck on your journey!


  1. Hey Rachel!

    Love your blog! I have been doing a 30 day vegan challenge and I experienced that I’m less thirsty. I thinks it’s mostly because of the water-filled fruits and vegetables. However I remind myself to drink water anyways. Did you experience the same?


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    1. Hi Sajee! Good for you for taking on the challenge! That’s totally possible if you went from eating very few fruits and veggies to eating a lot of them! Keep doing what you’re doing and drink lots of water still. And treat the water you get from food as a bonus!
      I can’t say I experienced that because I didn’t used to drink very much water at all. And about the time I went vegan, I started getting serious about my water intake too. So I was drinking more water and eating more fruits and veggies at the same time.

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  2. I’m really glad you have such a positive experience. As a long time vegan, I finally settled in a place that feels right for me too. As with every change, you have to give yourself time to adjust, not be too harsh on yourself if you indulge in cravings (I had few of those in the beginning). Because in the end, you will find a whole new world of recipes, new flavors and textures to try. And not to mention, all the benefits you will reap, concerning your health and compassion. I wrote an article about how to transition to veganism based on experiences of people close to me (

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