CNN: Are Germans Leading a Vegan Revolution?

CNN recently posted an in-depth article considering Germany a leader in the vegan movement. This may sound surprising considering Germany’s most traditional meals are schnitzel and bratwurst sausage.

What CNN is analyzing here is Germany’s contribution of vegan food products, including meat substitutes that would allow vegans and vegetarians to enjoy schnitzel again. CNN states that in 2016, Germany launched 18% of all global vegan products, according to research agency Mintel.


Germany also launched Europe’s first vegan supermarket chain, Veganz, in 2011. The chain now has 10 stores throughout Germany and even more across Europe.

CNN also cites a 2016 study that estimates 4.3% of Germans between 18 and 79 years old are vegetarian. The US and the UK trail behind at 3.3% and 2% respectively.

Click here to read the full CNN article.

To my German and European readers, do you agree with these stats? Is Germany a leader in the vegan revolution?


  1. I am from the north of Germany, living in the north of England and yes, as long you live in bigger cities, you have a wide variety of vegan/vegetarian options/substitutes.
    Den’s for example is a German wide bio/vegan/vegetarian supermarket chain and Hamburg, Hanover and Berlin are the best places to eat out and buy vegan food!

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