Improve Your Relationship with Food: Part 2

This week we continue through two more hurdles we may have to overcome in order to improve our relationship with food.

Having a positive and healthy relationship with food will inject happiness and freshness into your life.

As I mentioned last week, food surrounds us, so when healthy food=happiness, it’s one less thing we have to worry and stress over in such a hectic world.


Hurdle 2: Healthy food is gross and boring

When it comes to improving your relationship with food, it’s important to open your mind (and your mouth) to new foods.

Think about it: you’ve spent so many years conditioning your brain to think that processed and fried foods are delicious. Those foods have all sorts of additives to get you hooked, too.

So when you put a carrot in your mouth, your brain doesn’t sense any butter, cheese, or chemicals that it recognizes as tasty, so it classifies it as gross.

Reconditioning your taste buds is the best way to help your body enjoy whole plant foods. Don’t worry, this is easier than it sounds.

As I became vegan, I focused on eating the whole plant foods that I already loved in order to recondition my taste buds. For me, it was (and still is) fruit.

I used fruit to replace a lot of the bad foods I was eating. At the same time, I stayed mindful that fruit is lower in calories than the bad foods so I had to eat more (see Hurdle 3).

As my taste buds began to forget about those fatty, processed foods, I explored new foods like potatoes, salads, etc. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t love at first taste. But the more I expanded my plant food repertoire, the more foods I found that I like.

It’s all about trying new foods while focusing mainly on the foods you love. Your brain will begin to recognize these plant foods as delicious and the fatty food you used to eat will soon sound disgusting to you.

The key is to enjoy what you’re eating. If you’re sitting over a plate of potatoes, salad, fruit or whatever and you are having to force yourself to eat it, find something else to eat.

This should be a happy journey of exploration and discovery.

Do you have a healthy relationship with food? What advice would you give your former self?


  1. I love this series. I have traveled this path too! lol.

    I knew that I had crossed over into healthy food land when:
    1. someone passed by carrying a national chain pizza and it smelled like chemicals
    2. I went into the produce section right after they had just stocked it, and my mouth starting watering… (and I quickly began grabbing those fresh green beans, and ooh the kale looks good, and is that an eggplant? hello!)

    Great posts.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. When I consume from a place of wanting to gain maximum nutrition the Vegan way of eating is the only way to go. I thank a lot of the great videos I have been watching on FMTV for inspiration. It is easy to be an unhealthy Vegan and I’ve been guilty of that in the past – hopefully going forward that won’t be the case.

    Liked by 1 person

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