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This Will Make You Want to Eat Salad Every Day

I’ll be honest, when I think of salads, I think bo-ring. I see it as an obligatory food that I have to “get through” before having my more delicious meal. And the only time I would eat a salad is when we went out to eat and someone else made it for me.

But my journey toward optimal health has been reignited recently so I’ve been digging into the benefits of eating salad. On top of that, I’ve officially made it one full week of eating a salad every day! And I’ve got to say, I’m shocked at how enjoyable it’s been.

While I don’t have any life-changing transformations to report, I feel like I’m doing better for my body and I trust that all the goodness is happening within.

Over the past week I’ve realized that the key to making a delicious salad is all about finding ingredients that you love (while not ruining the salad with fatty dressing, cheese or bacon). I’ve put together a list of possible salad ingredients so keep reading for inspiration!

But before I can expect you to be gung-ho for salad, it would probably be a good idea to share why you should eat salad every day.

Salad Ingredient Inspiration

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